About Us

How we started across Canada moving


My wife and I decided to move our family from the greater Vancouver area in British Columbia to New Brunswick in 2011. We researched moving companies, trains, pods, containers, individuals with moving trucks. We received quotes to move our belongings that varied from ten thousand dollars to nineteen thousand dollars.

It was shocking to learn how costly a cross country move really is. Finally we booked a truck, months before the move. Only to learn 30 days before the scheduled move that the company would no longer provide the service agreed upon for the quoted price and increased the quote by nearly eight thousand dollars. In the end we decided to buy our own truck. It was a highly stressful time and it was then that we decided that there must be others struggling to find an affordable and reliable service.


To provide Canadians with a reasonably priced and steadfast moving service from coast to coast and everywhere in between.


All of our quotes are prepared based on distance travelled and the volume of items being transported. Our prices are final, meaning there are no additional charges above and beyond the original quoted price. No surprises.