Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. 932,546 people live in Edmonton as of 2016 and that number is increasing every year. Moving long distance to and from Edmonton can be a challenge. Especially in the winter, you would be amazed at how quick you can load or unload when the wind chill is -35 celsius.  Edmonton is a very easy city to get around in and always seems to be improving.  It is easy for me to get from one end of the city to the other when doing household moves. There is also a lot of diversity as people from coast to coast live in Alberta due to the great job opportunities.  I have moved people from all over the country to and from Edmonton. Edmonton experiences an average of 325 sunny days each year. It also has a dry climate, so even on a very cold winter day, the lack of moisture and blazing sun makes the the temperature bearable. (Average of 22 °C in July, -8 °C in January)

Are you worried about getting charged too much for moving long distances? Well, if the answer is Yes! Then rest assured we give you a price and stick to that price. Unlike other moving companies we don’t add unnecessary charges. Our prices are final, meaning there are no additional charges above and beyond the original quoted price. No surprises. 

A lot of people have difficulties dealing with moving companies for long distance in or from Edmonton. However, EC Moving believes in honesty and reliability.  Which is why our past clients are so happy.  See what  past clients have to say.

By offering best-in-class services. We treat each one of our clients with respect and understanding. We’re unlike other Canada wide movers that do not treat clients and their belongings with respect. We can assure you that you will not regret choosing EC Moving for moving long distance to or from Edmonton. EC Moving aims to meet your expectations and work hard to make your long distance move a success.

We understand that long distance moving is a difficult time.  We understand the difficulty because we have been in the business for a long time and have moved many many satisfied customers. Our ultimate goal is to make the lives of our clients easier by helping them in moving across Canada and take the level of our services near to perfection.