Tips on Moving

    Tips on Moving

    1.       Start getting ready early by packing up backwards. You can start with attics, storage areas, basement items you will not need till you are moved into the new place. 5-6 weeks early is a great starting point.

    2.      Buy lots of the same sized boxes and packing tape. I like to use the Small Boxes from Home Depot or Lowes. The dimensions are 16’”x 12”x 12”. This is a great size box as it is hard to get them really heavy, easier to manage and move around.

    3.      Use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap for maximum protection or you can use bed sheets, old towels, clothes, etc to pack up breakables and fragile pieces.

    4.      Label the boxes with items inside and what room they should be going into. I generally label the top and at least one of the sides with the room they belong to. Makes unloading easy and quick.

    5.      Clothes and blankets can be packed into regular Garbage Bags. There is always an odd space while loading that they will fit into.

    6.      Framed pictures and art should be wrapped with a blanket or packing material and then boxed for the best protection. You can also use two large pieces of cardboard and tape them together like a box (one front and one back)

    7.       Designate an area for the boxes or items once they are packed and ready to go. Reduces the clutter in your house and makes it easier to load when moving day comes.

    8.      Start using up items in your freezer and pantry 2-3 weeks before moving.

    9.      Do not sweat the larger items. I always have more than enough moving pads that I can cover and protect belongings with.

    10.   I always encourage kids to help with loading and unloading. Everyone likes to be involved and there always seems to be smaller items that they can move.

    11.    Set aside cleaning supplies, Ziploc bags (Large and small), garbage bags and a tool kit for Moving Day. You will definitely need one or all of those items during the loading. I always have my tools at the ready for loading and unloading.

    12.   You cannot go wrong with mattress bags. Covering them will protect them while in transit. They can generally be purchased at Home Depot or a local Uhaul dealer.

    13.   Make friends with your new neighbours right off the bat. I am always talking to people walking by while loading and unloading. It’s important to meet the neighbours as soon as possoible. Introduce yourself, your kids and your pets.

    14.    Dispose of propane cylinders and hazardous items before loading day. Empty fuel out of smaller gas engines for transport as well.

    15.   Try and relax a little. Moving can be very stressful, especially a long distance move. Believe me, I have been there.